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First, we need to assign variables to our missing numbers. Let's say our first odd number is "x"

x = 1st odd number

Now, to find the next consecutive odd number, we will add 2 to our x. Now we have:

x = 1st odd number

x + 2 = 2nd odd number

Now we know their "sum" is 148. So when we add them together we get 148:

1st odd number + 2nd odd number = 148

Now we can substitute in our variables and solve:

x + x + 2 = 148

2x + 2 = 148

-2 -2

2x = 146

/2 /2

x = 73

So, our first odd number is 73 and our second is 75. I hope this explanation was thorough and answered all of your questions. If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! Learn on! :)

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