You decide to begin selling caramel apples at the local park. Your cost for each caramel apple is $1.35 plus you have to pay a fixed weekly fee of $190 for the booth. Your plan is to sell each caramel apple for $2.81. 

Write a function to represent the revenue, 

R, from the sale of n caramel apples during the week.

 Write a function to represent your total costs, 

C for the week if you sell n caramel apples.

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Always always always, you must assign labels to all information:

p=1.35 (price/apple)

f=190 (since the problem is over one week, this is just a fixed number)

r=2.81 (revenue/apple)

Don't just write "fee=190". This allows you to write equations so 1) your logic won't tangle in your head and 2) you can do algebra with everything.

You only have 3 quantities and you can categorize where they matter:

p and f cost you stuff

r gets you stuff

Nothing else happens.

So revenue must only be R=rn.

Cost must only be C=rp+f. (You don't subtract the fee from cost, because cost is already subtracting from you.)

Of course, they probably want to substitute the actual numbers, but you should always do the setup with variables first.